Hi, I am Queen Tijani

front-end dev

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What I do

Web Development

Aesthetically pleasing websites.

Static and dynamic websites.

Built with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Responsive Layout

Webpages render well on a variety of devices.

Good knowledge of CSS grid and flexbox.

Intelligent use of media queries.

My Work

Who I am

Frontend web developer

I'm 20, from Lagos, Nigeria and I have a diploma in software engineering. I got into tech three years ago by chance, I remember being intimidated by HTML code for the first time and wondering if I would be able to do this myself. With time and a lot of dedication and consistency I got a hang of it and also learnt about a lot of other topics in the computer science field. I'm always finding ways to improve myself, learn new IT skills or build on what I already know. I recently completed the IT Automation with Python professional certification offered by google. Currently revising JavaScript concepts.

Asides from coding and computer science in general. I love watching tech YouTube videos, TV shows and playing COD mobile.

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My work

A selection of my range of work